About Us

     Born and raised in Washington, DC to a non-horsey family, Jessica loved horses from a very early age. Jess has always has been the eternal working student, trying to refine and hone her skills as a Equitation Instructor and Trainer daily, all while creating quality horses & safe educated riders. She has dedicated the past 2 decades to English Hunters and Hunt Seat Equitation training, coaching, and showing on the East Coast, as well as on the island of Oahu. 

    Jess began her riding career as a working student at the age of 10  and never looked back. Her High School experience includes training and schooling United States Park Police Horses in Washington, DC at the age of 15, to training and showing Hunters from Local to “A” rated shows as a catch rider and assistant trainer in MD and VA. In college, she competed in the Inter-Collegiate Horse Show Association traveling up and down the East Coast, achieving multiple awards and accomplishments. While in college, she found her passion and talent for teaching and coaching riders on both the Local and National Level. Jessica also worked training off the track Thoroughbreds for second careers as riding horses.

    After college, she continued to teach part time, and trained for several top lesson and show stables in the Washington, DC metro area, moving up the ranks. Several years later, a move to Oahu, HI allowed her to develop her skills as an entry level Polo player. While working a quick stint as a Polo Horse Trainer/Exercise rider, she learned the sport of Polo and loved it. While the sport of Polo is thrilling, she could not turn her back on her true passion, teaching and Hunters. Noticing the need for a currently Certified Instructor on the North Shore, Jessica traveled to the East Coast to obtain her American Riding Instructor’s Association Certificate in 2008. After her return, she started Sea Horse Training, L.L.C. and despite our size we continue to grow and develop into a top training program on the island of Oahu. At Sea Horse Training, we focus on quality, not quantity. Jessica is now looking to become a USEF Certified Instructor.